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  • You are no longer required to wear a mask when vising our surgery.  HOWEVER -  if you have respiratory symptoms, including coughs, please continue to wear a mask.  This is to keep  our vulnerable patients and staff safe.  If you have COVID, please DO NOT come into the building.

  • For repeat prescriptions, please order these at least 10 days before your medication is due to run out and allow 72 hours for it to be sent to the pharmacy.   It is required that you have a check up with the doctor every 6 months.  There is a wait time to see the doctor, sometimes this can be 2 weeks - therefore you need to order early.  Leave a message on our prescription line.  Please state your name, date of birth, which pharmacy you use,  and what you require clearly. 

  • We do request that appointments are paid for at the time of visit.   

Please be kind to our staff - we will not tolerate verbal abuse from patients. 

Our staff are here to help you, and they do their best to do this.

They do not need to be abused for trying to help you. 

Enrol with the Tinwald Medical Centre

Our Practice is currently full to capacity. We try and fill vacancies with those who are new to the area, live in Tinwald and do not have a Doctor - however you may have to go on our waiting list first.


Please inquire for Practice capacity.

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